Hotel, Resort, Convention Project Development
When planning to buy or build a Hotel/Resort project, it is imperative to have a hotel professional and honest partner to assist in the preparation and development phases. Working with Cs will help you eliminate costly mistakes and achieve long term sustainability for your hotel investment. Cs will help you coordinate and protect your interests during these critical phases:
  • Site investigation
  • Financial & marketing feasibility
  • Developing the business model
  • Concept & design definition
  • Construction project development /coordination / management
  • Project pre-opening services and management (Critical path)
  • Hotel renovation project management
  • Architects & Interior services assistance
  • Convention center development/expansion
  • Due diligence visit report for existing hotels or pre-opening projects.
Business review
Cs will review and analyze each of your profit centers by understanding key attributes and addressing key fundamentals, such as: strategy, revenue, cost, saving opportunities, people skills, productivity / profitability / performance improvements. Cs will be arranging
  • Hotel inspections and product assessment
  • Operational reviews & departmental audits
  • Benchmarking analysis and best practices
  • Re-engineer needed areas, solve inefficiencies and provide solutions
  • Create short term and long-term strategic planning
  • Develop team performance evaluation and people improvement plan
  • Develop budgeting and forecasting
  • Capital expenditure planning (short term and long term)
Revenue / Sales & Marketing
In the current market, effective sales & marketing strategies and programs must be developed, by targeting the right market at the right price and by using the most effective channels. Cs will assist you in bringing improved solutions:
  • Reviewing the hotel performance
  • Creating SWOT analysis, action and repositioning plans.
  • Revenue and yield management systems and performance effectiveness
  • Effective hotel sales planning and marketing
  • Brand creation and identity
  • Developing a media plan and social media marketing
  • E-distribution and E-marketing
  • Market and trend analysis, business plan and strategy plan development
  • Potential revenue opportunities and plan
Cost improvements
While revenue is critical, all efforts can be diminished or lost if costs are not correctly addressed. Cs will help you make valuable decisions to streamline the operation, maximize efficiencies, and optimize profitability without sacrificing quality or compromising guest satisfaction through:
  • Cost-controlling effectiveness
  • Financial performances review
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Cash integrity audit programs
People Management
Understanding Human Resources requirements is paramount to success. By hiring the appropriate talent, placing them in suitable jobs, establishing desirable environments, empowering them, providing relevant training, skill and opportunities for growth, people will flourish and consequently benefit the operation. Total customer satisfaction will increase profit. Cs will assist:
  • Hospitality executive search and recruitment
  • Job description preparation and review
  • Productivity analysis and benchmarking
  • Training needs analysis
  • Developing training systems and training plans
  • Labor environment assessment and risk analysis (Union pluralism)
  • People assessment and development plans
  • Establishing engagement plans and fostering company culture
Quality & Standards
Once your targeted customer needs are clearly identified, we assess the gaps, adapt existing services, and ensure that the standards are clearly established, understood, and implemented. Cs will guide you to develop superior quality assurance and measurement tools to achieve greater customer satisfaction and performance by arranging:
  • Mystery guest shopper and service assessment
  • Delivery and measurement tools of customer satisfaction.
  • Quality program development and management
  • Operational standards review
  • Create guest concepts and unique guest experiences
Food and Beverage
Will you succeed in your restaurant operation? Do you have all the tools to achieve your business objectives? Where and what can be optimized? How can you maximize the profit margin and the ROI? Cs will bring new perspectives, inspiration, and valuable solutions to your business. Cs will help you evaluate and enhance your chances of success by addressing:
  • Food & Beverage concept drawing and development
  • Operation review, opportunities and development plan
  • Food & Beverage marketing and merchandising
  • Food & Beverage culinary consultancy
  • Menu development, design, engineering and pricing
  • Product launch and representation
Organizational improvements
Clear vision, result oriented, performance driven, people focused, etc., are the normals for companies today. It also has become a norm to be a responsible company as well as a good corporate citizen in the community we live. Cs will help you by ensuring you have a well defined plan and monitoring. Assistance will be provided in:
  • Preparation of policies and procedures
  • System and organization reviews
  • System development and implementation / management
  • Developing operational manuals, SOP, and Job tasks
  • Contract compliance
  • Creating a winning culture
  • Risk management, assessment and plan
  • Environmental sustainability, policy development and solutions,enhancement programs, monitoring
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