No. Title Date
287 [News] “Making Seongdong-gu into Brooklyn in Korea by utilizing the charm of Seongsu-dong factory building” [Chosun Ilbo 2019-05-17] 2019.05.17
286 [Cs] [Photo News] Posing with Basquiat [The Korea Herald 2019-05-15] 2019.05.16
285 [Cs] Social media extend influence beyond promotion, marketing: CICI [The Korea Times 2019-05-16] 2019.05.16
284 [News] [Diplomatic Circuit] K-movie gathering [Korea Herald 2019-04-08] 2019.04.09
283 [News] World's NO.1 Breakdance group ‘JinJo Crew’ “It’s time for the Olympic Gold Medal” [JoongAng Daily 2019-04-01] file 2019.04.01
282 [News] '15 second video' Snack Culture, threatening to break stronghold of '1 minute' Youtube contents [JoongAng Daily 2019-03-19] 2019.03.25
281 [News] Secret behind the Success of BTS [JoongangSunday 2019-03-16] 2019.03.19
280 [News] Eye-catching K-fashion brands attract foreigners [Dong-a Ilbo 2019-03-12] 2019.03.12
279 [News] A Guy in High Heels Dreamed of Being Madonna, 'I have my alter ego when I disguise' [JoongangSunday 2019.02.23] 2019.02.25
278 [News] [CEO] Mt. Geumgang will become a place that even Trump admires [Maeil Business Newspaper 2019-01-27] 2019.01.28
277 [News] CICI winter gathering looks back on this year's activities, presents next year's plans [Korea Times 2018-11-28] file 2018.11.28
276 [News] Traditional Korean wrestling, Ssireum became the first Inter-Korean UNESCO Cultural Heritage [Chosun Ilbo 2018-11-27] 2018.11.27
275 [News] Learning About Hanbok [Korea Herald 2018-11-13] file 2018.11.13
274 [News] "Hanbok will be globalized when roles are separated"[The Hankook-Ilbo 2018-11-07] 2018.11.07
273 [News] "Korean is too difficult" AI has hard time acquiring Korean[Donga Ilbo 2018-10-31] file 2018.11.01
272 [News] Ambassadors discuss merits of Hangeul[The Korea Herald 2018-10-29] file 2018.11.01
271 [News] [Jisoo Kim's Interstellar] "Price of Housing is pricing of existence...Being rich in a sudden makes your life a bubble economy", Architect Seung H-Sang[Chosun Ilbo 2018-10-27] file 2018.11.01
270 [News] Samsung Electronics brand value is worth 68 trillion which ranked 6th place in the world..first place excluding American companies[Dong-a Ilbo 2018-10-05] file 2018.10.05
269 [News] "The end of the story is important ... I write from the end."[JoongAng Sunday 2018-09-01] 2018.09.05
268 [News] Culture Communication Forum28th~29th, Song Seung Hwan Pyeongchang Winter Olympics director awarded[MoneyToday 2018-08-31] 2018.09.05

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