No. Title Date
196 [News] Lodging crisis casts shadow over PyeongChang [The Korea Joongang Daily 2017-10-31] 2017.11.14
195 [News] Glamorous Seoul, newly introduced 20 tourist attractions [Kyunghyang News Paper 2017-09-10] 2017.09.13
194 [News] Ritz-Carlton Seoul to be reborn as Le Meridien [Maeil Business Newspaper 2017-08-31] 2017.09.04
193 [News] BBC has introduced secrets to Korean's long life [Joongang Ilbo 2017-08-15] 2017.08.16
192 [News] The Seoul Subway's integrated transit system, Wi-Fi, traffic information, elevator and screen door is world-class level [Hankyoreh News Paper 2017-07-30] file 2017.07.31
191 [News] Power blogger will be a general manager for a new hotel of Shinsegae. Kim Beom-soo appointed as an operational general manager of the second business hotel opening next year [Maeil Business Newspaper 2017-07-30] 2017.07.31
190 [News] Using traditional instruments in a completely new way [Chosun Ilbo 2017-07-24] file 2017.07.24
189 [News] Dongseop Jeong, President of Thomas Consultants Korea, a great expert in consulting for commerce facilities [Maeil Business News 2017-06-26] file 2017.06.29
188 [News] Hanjin Group changes skyline of LA [The Korea Herald 2017-06-25] file 2017.06.26
187 [News] Korea going on family trips the most in the world [Maeil Business 2017-06-26] 2017.06.26
186 [News] Seoul hosts 2017 World Barista Championship [Maeil Business News, 2017-06-08] file 2017.06.08
185 [News] 'Hot spots' of Korea which received three of Michelin's critically acclaimed stars [Maeil Business Newspaper, 2017-05-19] 2017.05.24
184 [News] Paradise City, an "art-tainment resort." has opened on April 20 [Maeil Business News 2017-04-24] 2017.05.02
183 [News] Korea Inc. takes several punches from China [Korea Joonang Daily 2017-03-16] file 2017.03.17
182 [News] In place of Chinese tourists in Korea, increased number of South-East Asian tourists [DongA Ilbo 2017-03-14] file 2017.03.14
181 [News] The hospitality mogul William Ellwood Heinecke will be opening AVANI Busan in 2018 [Maeil Business News 2010-03-12] 2017.03.14
180 [News] Korea Draws More Tourists from Muslim Countries [Chosun Ilbo 2017-02-13] file 2017.02.20
179 [News] Chinese New Year rush disappeared due to decrease in Youke? … Sanke flocks in [Chosun Ilbo 2017-02-02] 2017.02.03
178 [News] Department Stores Smile at 'Affair with Sanke,' Hotels Cry at 'Youke's Betrayal' [MK News 2017-02-01] 2017.02.03
177 [Cs] Ambassadors opine on the art of public diplomacy [Korea Herald 2017-01-16] 2017.01.17

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